Letter of commitment: Exclusivity for brick & mortar stores

Letter of commitment: Exclusivity for brick & mortar stores

In the following paragraphs, Martha LLC describes its compromise of selling its products exclusively in brick and mortar stores. As a result, Martha expects to influence in-store shopping culture, promote window shopping, and positively impact local businesses.

Essentially, this statement is intended to show the company's support to the stores that played a major role in the development of surfing, skateboarding, and outdoor culture. While most of the brands in the last years became competitors to the stores, offering huge discounts on their online channels and playing exclusivity for their e-commerces, on the contrary Martha wants to act as a real partner, specially to local shops.

This commitment is permanent and is included on the company's Operating Agreement.

Commitment planning:

- 1st stage: Only found at brick & mortar stores

- 2nd stage: Omni-channeling

- 3rd stage: Exclusivity and collabs

1st stage: Only found at brick & mortar stores

Stores that carry Martha's products are the only places where customers can purchase the products. Online marketing, guerrilla marketing, and ambassadors will be deployed to get people into shops to access the brand products. This is the time to flourish the idea, to convince people, and to build a community around buying in-store. A number of actions will be taken to spread the word, including coffee offerings in selected distributors, in-store product launches and others.

2nd stage: Omni-channeling

The brand will provide its community with the opportunity to view what is available in each store in Martha’s website. As a result of this development, customers will be able to buy products from the store's stock and pick them up in the same facility. In this way, the company will enhance the buying experience for users.

3rd stage: Exclusivity and collabs

Stores are the cornerstone where the brand stops. New product releases, special limited editions designed in collaboration with select shops will be commercialized. The stores involved in the campaigns will be selected according to their support to the brand, Martha’s presence in the facility and their own stories.

Pedro ‘Peter’ Roisman - Founder & CEO Martha LLC